Popularity of Wrist Butterfly Tattoos

A beautiful tribal butterfly tattoo design for girls and womens' wrist.Wrist butterfly tattoos have gained quite a lot of positive attention from tattoo lovers around the world. This fascination is not new; it has been there for centuries. The bright wing colors, and erratic yet elegant flight, have attracted many tattoo enthusiasts. Butterflies can be found in almost every nook and corner of the world. From the smallest Pygmy Blue that has wingspread of 15mm, to the largest Alexandra’s Birdwing with 280mm wingspan, they all are captivating and enchanting creatures. There are around 28,000 species of butterflies, with different species found in different regions of the world.

Wrist butterfly tattoos are also quite popular due to the symbolism and meaning associated with this creature. Butterflies, in many parts of the world, are the symbol of epitome of a human soul, a sign of metamorphosis, of continuous change, and in some an emblem of fire. More commonly, they have been considered as symbol of revival and flight.

Woman's left wrist was tattooed with butterflies design.

They are quite recent; however, the depiction of butterfly in several literary and visual arts dates back to hundreds of centuries. Historically, they have been artistically depicted for centuries forming part of Egyptian hieroglyphics and the ancient feather and pottery work of Mexicans. Butterflies not only embellished the beautiful potteries and ceramic art work of the Mexicans, they even had a goddess, Itzpapaloti, who was associated with a species of butterflies. Butterflies had great spiritual significance to these Mexicans, who built a temple in their name, and related their deity, Psyche, with the butterfly wings. They believed that this deity’s soul was made immortal by Zeus, which was thought to be made free to fly away like a butterfly.

The tattoo making gained great eminence in the Celtic culture, and the butterfly tattoos were among few very famous tattoo designs. Though many other wrist tattoo designs, including that of animals and human figures, were quite commonly made in the tribes, wrist butterfly tattoos stayed way ahead throughout these time. It was also due to the symbolic significance that was Girl shows her cute wrist butterfly tattoo design on bed.attached to the several designs of the butterfly tattoo. Some of the tattoos included animal designs that depicted an aura of great strength and power. The tribes’ people used these animal designs and figures to safeguard and bestow blessings over those that they preferred.

Traditionally, wrist butterfly tattoos and those of dragons were made by people presuming these creatures to guide and hold their lives and support them. Though both men and women get the wrist butterfly tattoos done, the feminine influence depicted by the butterfly make them a tattoo of choice among women. Historically butterfly has represented emperors, like Roman emperor named Augustus, who took butterfly as his private symbol.

It is not only the symbolic and cultural significance of the wrist butterfly tattoos that have made these enchanting tattoo designs a preferred choice for many women today. The beautiful designs and colors of the wrist butterfly tattoos not only give a stylish and modern touch to the beholder, they add a touch of glamour and sex appeal to anyone who gets these tattoos done.

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