Inking Butterfly Tattoos on Your Foot?

An elegant butterfly tattoo with small flowers design is embedded on girl's left foot.The butterfly has different meanings as it is embedded on butterfly tattoos on your foot.  Across the globe, this wonderful creature signifies different symbolism.  In Mexico, the butterfly means long life because of its vibrating wings that produce energy, while in Japan, it signifies happy and peaceful marriage.

In China, one pair of butterflies flying together connotes love.  In some cultures, they have a belief that upon seeing a butterfly, good fortune will come their way.  Girl embedding butterflies and cluster of stars tattoos on foot at tattoo parlor.The butterfly dance which is performed by Native Americans as part of their rituals means satisfaction, revitalization and renovation.  The well-known culture of foot tats for ladies is associated to butterfly tattoos.

While it is generally perceived that butterflies depicted in butterfly tattoos on your feet signify women, they also represent masculinity based on some legends.  In the case of Augustus, the Roman Emperor, he adopted butterflies as his personal logo.  On the other hand, these insects also signify fire, and the place where multi-colored butterflies stay is believed to be full of vision and hope for the future.

Referring to the transformation of life from an ugly caterpillar to an attractive butterfly is considered a phenomenon.  Being recognized as a popular theme in the art of tattooing, the butterfly is considered generally as a good sign.  Its life cycle is amazing having passed through a process of metamorphosis.

Its attractiveness and beauty are the significant basis for engraving its image in butterfly tattoos on your leg and other gorgeous tattoo themes.  While it is strongly believed that butterfly tats on foot are more feminine in nature, they are not entirely for women only.

Girl with butterfly tattoo on right foot standing on the ground.You can base this from some legends stating that the Roman Emperor named Augustus used the image of the butterfly as his personal emblem.  On the other hand, the Popolucas of Mexico war priests utilized the butterfly as their motif for their breastplates.  You can trace artistic patterns of butterflies in the ancient Mexican feathers and pottery, as well as in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

This artistic description is very well portrayed in butterfly tattoos on your foot.  As far as Greek mythology is concerned, Psyche or soul in Greek terminology is not actually dead considering that her soul can fly freely like a butterfly which has just broken away from its cocoon.  You’ll find that the most popular tat design in the Celtic’s traditional culture is a butterfly engraved on foot.

Woman shows her butterfly tattoo on foot at a parlor.However, some foot tats are purely symbolic that include several tribal tats of animals and human beings.  There were also tribes that had foot tats as symbolism of blessings and made these tattoos their guardians from evil spirit.  This only proves that butterfly tats are not meant exclusively for a particular tribe, person or society.

Since the butterfly passes through a sensitive stage of a caterpillar to its final stage of becoming a beautiful butterfly, such course of life is a good example for a human being’s life existence.  Since ancient times, butterfly tattoos on your foot embody their meanings based on this delicate life existence.

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