Butterfly Tattoos

Japanese butterfly tattoosTattoo enthusiasts who are interested in having unique, wholesome and pleasing kinds of tats choose butterfly tattoos for their bodies.  More than enhancing your beauty, tats help you to convey your beliefs, your thoughts and your desires.  These are the inherent qualities that butterfly tats possess that are why they are one of the favorites of tat lovers all over the world, especially women.

This is because they are pleased with the cycle of life that a butterfly has which is composed of 3 stages; namely, the egg, larva, pupa, and the butterfly itself.  You’ll see butterflies in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors.  When you see them in flight, you’ll be amazed with their distinctive and graceful movements.

Some cultures believe that butterflies are the soul of deceased people visiting the earth from heaven.  This is the reason why butterfly tattoos are well-loved by people seeking serenity on earth.  Many are amazed in observing that when a caterpillar enters a cocoon, it would come out as a butterfly soon.  They believe that this caterpillar died after entering the cocoon, and transformed into a majestic butterfly.

Blue buttefly tattoo with flower vine.They relate this magical event to the death of a human being leaving behind an empty body, with their soul moving up to a better place afterlife.  Because of this unique process of transformation, including their various colors, short span of life, and the kind of freedom that they portray in their movements and display of their beauty, these wholesome creatures have conquered the hearts of tat enthusiasts across the globe.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos depends on the people wearing them according to their desire and own personality.  Below are some of the relevant information about butterflies, and their traditional symbolism.  While some people are still thinking that butterfly tats are only for women, they may be wrong at this time because these tats can be seen nowadays embedded on the skins of men.

During the ancient times in Japan, the butterfly was adopted by the Japanese warlords as their symbol of family crest, together with their samurai.  Later, a lot of samurai warriors had the emblem of a butterfly in their armors.  Pertaining to the ancient culture of Mexico, they used the butterfly as their motif engraved on the breastplates worn by warrior priests.

As far as the European mythology is concerned, butterflies are symbolic of the human soul, and therefore revered with utmost care as depicted in the butterfly tattoos that are worn by many people.  In the case of the ancient culture in Greece, the Greeks believe that the butterflies coming out from their cocoons represent the rising of a new soul from a human being.

Pink buttefly tattoo design on lower back.
On the basis of Irish culture, these beautiful creatures are believed to be the spirit of the deceased, who are waiting for the time of their journey to purgatory.  Based on the German culture, a butterfly represents small kids who are acting similar to adults, and at the same time, they believe that the butterfly signifies the birth of a child to childless parents who have not experienced having a child for long.

The butterfly tattoos are considered by the Native Americans to portray that butterflies are carriers of messages from the human beings to the heavenly Gods so that every wish would be granted.  On the Celtics side, there is a belief that the butterflies are signs of rebirth, and when a woman eats a butterfly mixed in her food, she would be impregnated immediately and will soon have a healthy child.

Ancient Red celtic butterfly tattoo design. Because of this belief, the Celtics butterfly tattoos have gained a wide popularity.  Here are some reasons why many people opt to engrave a butterfly tat on their bodies.  First, there are women who think that the shape of a butterfly has a great meaning that helps them to shape their lives.  To others, they just thought of having a butterfly tat because of its being so colorful and attractive.

In different cultures worldwide, the butterfly that is shown in butterfly tattoos has several meanings.  They symbolize an amazing transformation of its egg to become a caterpillar, and develop into a pupa.  Then, it finally becomes a colorful butterfly that signifies the life of somebody who has had some drastic changes in life.  In Japan, butterflies represent the development of young girls into beautiful women.

On the part of Native Americans, they usually use the image of a butterfly to signify the changes in life.  Chinese philosophers and scholars have the belief that butterfly tats are symbolic of marital bliss and harmony among married people.  The Chinese strongly believe that these colorful creatures bring perpetual happiness to families.  In the case of Christians, butterflies depict the soul that has survived the painful penalty of having been a bad person on earth.

mural flower and butterfly tattoo on back.
Black butterly tattoo in tribal art style.On the part of the Greeks, butterfly tattoos are portrayal of a human soul that is born on earth every time a butterfly comes out of its confinement in a cocoon.  However, the Irish people believe in a different way; that butterflies are symbolic of dead souls waiting for their journey to their final destination.  As to the Asians, these majestic creatures depict the perpetual happiness that they want to enjoy in their homes.

This is the reason why they prefer to embed the image of a butterfly on their bodies as a lucky charm.  Thus, it may be clear to you now that butterflies are representations of a woman’s freedom.  The process of transforming a caterpillar to an adult butterfly actually signifies the development of a girl into a woman.

Women foot buttefly tattoo.
Flying buttefly standing on flower.Having butterfly tattoos can also be interpreted as rising of an adult butterfly from its confinement in a cocoon, just like breaking free from stiff restrictions, and exploring new avenues for an individual.  Being considered as a symbol of women’s power, you can place this tattoo on any part of your body.  These butterfly tattoos can be regarded as a symbol of power, virginity, love of nature, intelligence, creativity, bright personality and freedom.